The Book

We never intended to write a book about our journey but there are so many stories to tell that we just couldn’t capture on camera. Our Ridiculous World (Trip) has been written by Matt and put together with the help of the Change Your World Fund. It tells the story of our journey around the world by scooter and sidecar with a focus on the absurdity of the challenge, the kindness of the strangers we met and the stories of modern slavery which we researched en route.

The book was launched on August 31st this year and you can now order a signed copy here. It has so far been a huge success and we’ve even had some amazing reviews from some of the worlds most iconic Adventure Authors.

“Reading this refreshing book is easy – time just slips by – but that’s the only easy thing about the whole affair. So my advice is: Think of something you’d love to do that’s really quite ridiculously impossible. Then read the book. Then go and do it.  I must say, it really takes me back . . .” 

Ted Simon (Author of Jupiters Travels.)

The many threads of this gripping adventure unfold as a powerful, at times opinionated, heart-tweaking, fast-flowing journey of surprises.” 

Sam Manicom (Author of Into Africa)

“A powerfully written tale about travelling with a purpose. But what a day machine to use!” 

Paddy Tyson (Editor of Overland Magazine)